Book editing and design

I was professionally trained in book editing and design at Phillimore’s publishing house. I am extremely efficient and reliable, and can help you scan and clean images, edit and layout proofs for press, create Kindle files and book covers, as well as press releases and advanced information for bookshops.

Whilst at Phillimore’s I published:

…. plus many reprints, brochures, flyers, etc. Since then I have produced Sandra Lowton’s Barnham, two editions of Ink magazine, and A Blast on the Waverley Whistle. I also designed and illustrated J.J. Morval’s To Squeak and Hattie. I currently edit and lay out Gramarye, an academic journal of folklore, fairy tales and fantasy.

My rates are currently between £5 and £10 per 1,000 words, including preparing images, proofreading, editing and designing for press.

Please do contact me for a quote – I may be able to adjust my rates for your budget or the complexity of the project. If your publication is for a fundraiser or charity, I may be able to offer much reduced rates depending on my availability.


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